The phrase “perfect discography” is one I seldom use. Almost every artist has at least one project or track that I truly do not care for. Jay-Z (for some reason) decided to make that collab album with R-Kelly, Kanye made Drunk & Hot Girls, Pharrell made Raspy Shit, etc. But, Billy Uomo is a different story. This man’s whole discogrpahy is spotless. I’ve had his entire artist page on repeat for the last two days and haven’t skipped one track yet. Billy AKA Adam Leigh started off as the lead vocalist in a band named Babes, which is band consisting of Billy and various family members. The band took a break to focus on solo ventures and Adam’s is his alter ego: Billy Uomo. I first heard the track Alone Together on my spotify discover page and I’m so happy it was on there because that song is amazing. With only three EPs under his belt it’s only right that I talk a bit about all three since they’re all filled with heat.

The First EP is Wasted which dropped in 2018. Right out the gate Billy shows off his range and his ability to capture your attention and keep it. The song Wasted deals with how he deals with love. He falls super hard every single time, so much to the point that it’s like he’s drunk. The song is very hypnotic and you can learn the lyrics very fast, you’ll probably be singing them all around the house. Plus, the instrumentation is beautiful. The lead guitar paired up with the bass and drums, phew shit it’s fire. It doesn’t stop there either, the whole album is filled with such groovy sounds led by Billy’s silky smooth voice. Oh my god ESPECIALLY on Without You, I don’t know what possessed him to make something that good but I need it directly in my veins. All of the elements in this song just make me melt. That piano, the bassline, those crashing cymbals when the hook starts, and of course Billy singing “Without yooooouuuuuu.” Plus, the bridge when the guitar and those strings are just losing their minds. Wow, then Billy comes back and he’s harmonizing with his own vocals until the chorus comes back. Also, The part on True Love where it’s just the instruments doing their thing reminds me of a Wes Anderson film, it’s beautiful. Great Debut, spectacular even.

2018 also saw the release of the Hello? EP. Fitting with the title the tracks kind of sequence like a phone conversation. We’ve caught Billy and the other person at a rocky part of the relationship, as Alone Together finds him singing: “Don’t hang up, on our love.” He asks if the person wants to be “alone forever” and suggests that they fall in love again, but the person isn’t having it and hangs up in his face. Somber topic, but the music plus Billy’s voice almost mask it. Especially that bassline good god, at the beginning it almost take the reigns from the vocals (to me at least.) Where Is Love? reminds me of a doo-wop song. Especially with the harmonies that start right off the bat, just beautiful. The lyrics deal with love being your entire life, but never being able to find it. As time goes on, Billy starts to think love may never come. Over these delicious guitar chords it’s just a fire song. Hello? is what I would say is the point when you realize that there’s no salvaging this relationship, it’s actually over this time. You can hear the emotion in Billy’s voice as he repeats “Hello? Hello?” over and over hoping for an answer. The guitar is so beautiful, it could bring a tear to your eye. Paired with the bass it might make your face scrunch up from how good it is.

Fast Forward to 2019’s All Trash No Love. This album starts with If I Couldn’t Have You, which deals with Billy seeing the world as trash if he couldn’t have love from this one special person. As we’ve already established he needs love, so if he can’t get it from her he could see himself becoming a prostitute just to feel something. Honestly? Yeah, same. Over this wonky production that reminds me of Timbaland for some reason, Billy basically pours his heart out. The beat fits to me. When you deal with love it makes you feel odd and weird, which the beat communicates. Especially between 2:35-3:20, that bridge is so fire. The way Billy manipulates his humming to sounds like an instrument is ear catching. The next track As Tears Go By, which might be my favorite track he’s dropped so far. It sounds like if El DeBarge linked up with Tame Impala. The sample (?) consists of this fierce orchestration that cuts in and out with the drums and I love it. Plus, this song contains a sample of Where Is The Love? by Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack and it’s perfectly chopped up to fit the already established style of the track, it’s great. Another Moment (That Hurt Me More Than Any Moment) is a perfect song. Like, if someone was like “What’s the first song I should listen to first?” I’d point right at this track. Groovy bassline, mesmerizing drums and Billy’s smooth vocals. Complete with a beat switch and a bridge lead by a synth that makes me melt as well. Just a spotless track through and through.

Hopefully this is enough to convince that Billy truly does not miss. I’m so excited to see what he’s cooking up for the future. I know it’s gonna be fire regardless of what it is, could be a cookbook or a line of personalized bagpipes and he’ll have my support.

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