Follow ups to amazing albums can be a very hard thing to do. Some artists can pull it off, Earl did it, Tyler did it, Stevie Wonder did it multiple time. With this new Tame, it was not the case. And, of course, i’m biased. This album is one of the main things I hate: It’s too fucking long. Clocking in at fifty-seven fucking minutes I’m like about to pull out my dreads one by one thinking about it. I guess I can see why he did it, Currents came out five years ago and due to a house fire this album was pushed back over and over again. So, I can see why you’d want to stat pad, but fuck man fifty-seven minutes? Get the entire fuck outta here. The worst part is the songs that have a reasonable length are all the good songs. Instant Destiny is all about taking that big step with your love and purposing and it sounds like how a Tame song should make you feel. It’s immediately more interesting than the opening track. It feels like Kevin is more focused on the shorter tracks, but when we get back to the longer tracks it feels like he was like: “Well I got some time to fuck around before I get to the actual good part.” If there even if a good part. Posthumous Forgiveness is a unique situation on this album where this idea sort-of works. It was originally two songs, but thematically it made sense to put them together. I wish they had stayed separate though. The first half is better than the second, but the drums on the second half make it kinda close. I can enjoy this song despite how long it is because it keeps me interested and the subject matter is very relatable. Reading my notes I seemed to enjoy Breathe Deeper, but one of my other pet-peeves rears it’s old head: An Interlude to extend the length of the song! Fan-fucking-tastic! Remember on Currents when he puts songs like Nangs and Gossip on there as tracks by themselves so you could skip them (if you wanted to)? What a great idea that was! Fuck! And it would be way different if the instrumentals kept my attention, but they just don’t. Tomorrow’s Dust has nothing that redeems it from being boring, its just boring. And guess what? There’s another fucking interlude at the end! It may seem like I’m bashing this album, and that’s because I am. I’ve ran this shit back about three times and it doesn’t get any better. There’s some good songs, a lot of mid, and even more songs that are just boring. Some real good Urban Outfitters background music. One More Hour reminds me of Currents in terms of instrumentation. I wish the entire album had similar elements because those drums, those synths, and the guitar!! Ugh, when all of the elements come together I moaned out loud its that good. Why did he tease us like this?? Whatever. This album is Mid, Midder-than-Mid, Harold’s Mid Sauce, Super Mid Bros Deluxe Wii U Edition.

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