What was your favorite movie growing up? That one movie you saw where it caught your attention and held it in its grasp the entire time. Whenever you watch it you’re teleported into that world and you can visualize yourself in the plot even though you know what’s about to happen next. For me, that movie is Fantastic Mr. Fox. That movie is so fucking good. Of course, its based on the book of the same name by Roald Dahl. To be honest with you I don’t think I’ve ever read the book in my life, but Wes consulted with Dahl’s wife before making it so he could really understand the headspace of Dahl. Wes stayed at Dahl’s house and filmed himself acting out the poses and the dialogue for the characters too. That attention to detail is why Wes is my favorite director. After I watched the fuck outta Fantastic Mr. Fox, it was 2013 I think. Every time I watch a movie I do research into it to find out who’s in it, the reception, etc. So that’s when I found out about Wes and since it was 2013, Moonrise Kingdom had come out the year before. That’s another one of my favorite movies of all time. That movie is so out there, but once you start watching it, its hard to turn away. When you watch a Wes Anderson movie you realize that everything is calculated, all of the colors in a scene matter. In the scene in Moonrise Kingdom where everyone is on the dock fighting about finding Sam and Suzy Bob Balaban’s character is the only person who’s outfit sticks out. Its fitting for his character because he only interacts with the other characters in that one moment. His character wears a bright red jacket with a green beanie and its such a contrast from the other characters that wear blends of different shades of yellow, khaki, and white.


Then, in 2014 Wes released what I personally think is his most focused film to date, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Dude, this movie has so much going on. I know I’ve talked about it a lot, but its important here. Wes’ detail in this movie is where its most apparent. This movie dips into different years since its told from a flashback perspective. When it does this, the aspect ratio changes! Also, I hate this word but for Wes it truly works. Every character that effects the plot in his movies is quirky. That’s not a bad thing, their quirks make them memorable. Sam’s determination and cynical view of life despite being twelve years old, Royal Tenenbaum’s tendency to be a nonchalant asshole to just about everyone, Zero’s rapid way of thinking under pressure too. All of these traits make you want to watch these movies over and over to see if you notice something else! God, I love Wes. The trailer for The French Dispatch came out recently and I’m super excited to see it, it has the makings for it to be a classic.

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