Let me start this off by saying I am a fan of these two. The two being the Shears twins that, together make music as the garden, but separately have their own projects. Fletcher is puzzle who’s music is this beautiful mesh of synthwave (i think) and hip-hop elements. It was through Puzzle where I was introduced to our good friend Fat Tony. Fletcher and Tony came together to make¬†All The Best and I love it oh so much. Wyatt’s solo project is called Enjoy. Enjoy’s music has a bit more funk elements than Puzzle. This all depends on what album you listen to (of which there are a lot.) But when they come together as The Garden you truly don’t know what you’re going to get. No two songs sound the same, and I love that. So going into Kiss My Super Bowl Ring I truly did not know what I was getting myself into. The first two songs (Clench To Stay Awake and A Struggle respectfully) both remind me of their song ūüė¶ where it starts off pretty peacefully, but then in the middle all hell breaks loose and you don’t fully recover from it. Listening through this album multiple times and A Sruggle is definitely the worst song on here. (Oh, by the way this shit is 11 songs and only 35 minutes which is beautiful.) But it’s only bad because of all the genres of music I don’t like (which aren’t many) fast-paced screaming in your ear rock music is pretty high on the list. Which is exactly what this song does. Nah. But other than that, album is pretty solid.¬†AMPM Truck¬†is a highlight. The guitar chords used remind me of early 2000’s rock music, well at least the good shit. You know its a good Garden song when they bust out the whistles. I’m sure this lyrics mean something more than actually just falling asleep driving from Atlanta to Florida, but I can’t decipher. Also, the drums on this mf are immaculate ugh fuck. Listen, when the beat switches on¬†Hit Eject¬†I think an angel gets its wings. That shit is perfect chaos from the beginning with those spastic drums and that menacing bassline, but when everything just goes “blahhh.” Its almost perfect. Then, everything comes back and its even crazier!! It reminds of what having a heart attack in a nasty European rave would probably sound like. Listening to rap music my entire life its always interesting when an artist that usually doesn’t do rap/hip-hop makes a song with a rapper. You can always tell that the beat is made for someone to rap over it, I mean its always¬†super¬†obvious. Lurkin’¬†is no different. Don’t get me wrong this is a good song. Le1f’s verse is fucking fuego, but its hard to unhear that now. This album is okay, I’m sure if you’re a huge fan of the boys then you’ll love it. I’m a casual listener so its not my favorite from them, but the songs that I like will be getting played again. Also, they use the Powerpuff Girls’ theme song drums a lot on this album which is neat.

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