Whenever Tony drops some new shit I have to listen to it. Tony has a way of taking you by the throat and commanding your attention. He’s not gonna waste your time and that’s definitely apparent on his new project with Taydex. Perfectly timed at 22 minutes, no song is over 4 minutes long. This might not be a big deal to literally anyone else, but if an album is over an hour long my mood sours and the excitement to finish it kind of dies down. So this shit is perfect. Taydex’s production and Tony’s natural ease on the rhymes are like a perfect duo oh my jesus. We already knew that with Swervin’, but now we have an entire album and I’m in love. Magnifique is where this is showcased the best I think. The beat is a perfect mix of soothing and futuristic sounds with an uplifting bassline, a leading bubbly-sounding synth, some piano chords to compliment Tony on the verses, and some hi-hats and claps to complete. Tony is so fucking clever on this one. He raps about a dinner party with his close friends and then proceeds to make a lot of food references throughout the second verse, but it doesn’t get annoying. Holy fuck. Can I just say, Tony is fucking spitting on this man. Omaha is a good example of this. Taydex lets you breathe a little during the intro then Tony comes in and dunks a basketball over your head and he has his entire arm in the rim on some Vince Carter shit. His flow on the second verse is so fire. “Ooo-la-la, Got two beers in the coo-la-la,” after that he just shits on people man it’s great. Oh man, but my absolute favorite track is Wake Up. Taydex’s production is so fucking tight on this one. Its so groovy and mesmerizing, then Tony slides in with this calm and confident flow and says exactly what he needs to and dips back out again. Ugh, I love it. Honestly, this song could’ve been extended and I would’ve been happy. It’s perfect though. The synths that go off when Tony ends his verse, the static (?) in the background, Tony chanting “Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up out yo sleep!” on the hook, just everything. Only problem I have with this album is Negashi on GodlyI’m sure it was on purpose, but he sounds like he recorded his part in secret. Like he’s hiding from someone in a closet or something. I don’t like it very much, but once again i’m sure it was done on purpose. The closing track Make It is amazing. Tony rapping his fucking heart out over strings??? Fuck! Then Revenge Wife comes in on the hooks sounding like an angel that just ascended into heaven. I love strings and people rapping over them so of course I was gonna love this song. Album is damn near perfect please listen to it.

Listen to Wake Up 

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