I find it hard to discover new music because my attention span is so short. So if I’m not captivated by it quickly my attention is going to shift to something else. More recently I’ve been trying to kick this habit by listening to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify and just hit shuffle. This is how I found out about French-Producer-Singer Jazzboy.

His song Harlem is what caught my attention. It’s an experimental ballad about his love for the New York City borough. It opens up with a synth that sounds like it’s creeping up on you with warm snaps and 808s helping it along. Jazzboy’s pitch shifted vocals make the song sound like you’re inside a daydream and life is moving slowly. Then the beat drops and you’re whisked away into the clouds without a care. In summation this song is great. And it feels like warmth and you just want to have a good time while listening to it which is perfect because it’s getting warmer outside.

Jazzboy by General Pop

That track alone was enough to make me want to dig deeper into his catalogue (which isn’t that deep.) I saw that he had released an album titled Jesus Jazz in 2018. This album is very synth-heavy and filled with dreamy vocals. And is perfectly timed at 23 minutes. 4ever & Jazz Out are the tracks that stand out to me. The synth on 4ever sounds so decompressed that it sounds like someone is pinching the speaker and the noise is altered because of it. You’ll find yourself bobbing your head uncontrollably because it’s just that good. Jazz Out is the perfect outro for this album. It reminds of a thinking montage in a movie right before they come up with the big idea. Then they hit you with the monologue in French. With the synth pad in the background if you close your eyes you just get lost in every instrument that’s being used in the track.

If you weren’t hip to Jazzboy before I hope this article could sway you to dig into his discography. I promise you won’t regret it.

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