Artwork by Deshaun Ellis | Original Photo by Gabriel Edwards

Ever met someone so genuinely nice that it kinda threw you off? Like there’s no way this person is this cool all the time. I’ve already told you about one with RioRidgeVonte, well here’s King-Motherfuckin-Coogi! Hands down the dopest guy you’ll meet in Nashville and he’s just getting started. It’s dope to have that aura around you, if you ask most people that attend the underground shows here they’ll tell you how humble and determined Coogi is about his music and his ventures. In my experience with him, he was the first one to take a chance on my clothing brand at his own festival Coogifest in 2018. That led me to meeting a bunch of cool ass people and forming friendships too.

I’m definitely rambling now, but I cannot stress enough how cool this man is. Anyways, I’ve been procrastinating on doing this for a while because I’m lazy. But it’s finally here! An interview with King Coogi!

Deshaun: How did you develop your ear for music?

King CoogiBeing around so many of my talented ass friends mostly! I never had a specific taste In music so I can draw inspo from some rnb shit or a old Taylor Swift song and make it into what I make.

D: Do you find that easy to do? Or are some sounds harder than others to translate into your own art?

KC: Its kind of hard honestly cause I’ll think of a song I want to make and then record it and its terrible, but if I just on the spot with it cause I heard a random song then its easy!

D: What type of music do you have the most fun making/performing?

KC: Mostly songs with my friends cause they’re so evil and dark and im this ball of loving energy or any song where im just genuinely having fun!

D: I had to leave before you performed at the last Coogifest but from the pics it looked like it was turnt.

KCThanks man! I was under so much stress and pissed cause niggas hate listening.

D: To your songs or directions? Because I remember you were telling everybody to come back inside.

KCDirections! When I’m performing I’m not giving anyone a reason not to watch!

D: Facts!! Fam now I’m mad I missed it! But I’m there next time for sure. But how does it feel to have such huge turnouts for your events?

Original Photo by Loften Grimm

KCIts crazy! I never thought it would be such a huge turnout whenever I have something and I still get overwhelmed 3 years in.

D: I don’t know if you accept this title but I personally think that you’re that guy in the Nashville underground scene. Like whatever you do you’re gonna have a decent crowd there. Like the gatekeeper or some shit.

KCLmfao bro I appreciate that! I be feeling like one punch man like I don’t look like the nigga that can do all this shit then I jump off the porch and shock everybody.

D: Hell yeah but with that I notice y’all get a lot of hate like consistently. I asked Ronin about this already but I wanted to get your view. Does it get to you or do you try not to think about it too much?

KCBRO!!! Like it’s crazy as fuck how often this shit happens! Like we can be minding our business per usual and we get a random call saying some random ass w**** person said some outrageous shit and instead of coming to us they just spread it or do that call out shit and then we just look like bad people! It sucks cause you never know who really fucks with you or is just smiling in your face! But hey, if yeen got no haters yeen poppin!

D: Exactly fam y’all have way more supporters than haters so fuck ’em.

KC Yeah true, niggas hate til’ they stop and interact with us and then they want to be friends and shit.

D: So how do you stay maintained in between both the love and the hate because that could drive some people insane.

KCI mean that’s just life in general bro! You kinda have to learn to function between both, I have strangers who hate me and strangers who love me so it’s like yin and yang.

D: That’s very true. Who/what do you look to for inspiration? If anyone/anything.

KCI imagine myself in front of a gigantic crowd and ask my self will niggas really rock with this? And I draw from there.

D: I’m sure there’s been times where you’ve been like “Man fuck it, I love this song imma still put it out.”

KCOh yes! Literally every song I’m like fuck it lets go.

D: I’m excited to hear some new shit then haha. What’s your plans for new music except for Hogtied

KCI’ve literally been working on a new tape since last summer, and Unhappy Hank comes back next month so imma finish it when he does.

D: Can’t wait to hear it fam. Speaking of Hank, how do you feel about the underground scene in Nashville?

KCIts growing honestly, and its very slept on.

Original Artwork by Ronin

D: I saw you said no white people at the next Coogifest haha. Other than that any plans for it? This my second to last question.

KCLmfao white people can come to Coogifest I like saying that shit to see who thinks I’m serious and waits for me to okay it! I’m trying to bring in so BIG artist so bigger and better every year.

D: Fire man, if y’all pull out DaBaby I think the venue might burn down haha. But yeah that’s all from me anything else you want to add?

KCShoutout my soc! Shoutout my girl for being a real nigger and supporting me! Shoutout to my haters cause they keep me cute! That’s all.

D: Oh fuck I meant to ask you to explain your name for people who don’t know.

KCOkay so Coogi is a really poppin’ 90’s brand and I was looking up their sweaters one day on tumblr and I saw the name “ coogi emperor” and thought yeah that’s it right there! I googled it and google had no results so I took on the name and down the road changed it to King Coogi! Its coo-g not coo-gee for all the white people who mistake.

D: Alright, thanks broski!

KCNo, thank you.

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