Now, i’m not gonna lie, I found out about this band through Spotify’s “Bedroom Pop” playlist. I know that term is frowned upon, but it gets the job done because sometimes I strike gold. Like Men I Trust, the awesome band based out of Montreal. Comprised of high-school friends Dragos and Jessy plus lead singer Emma Proulx they deliver dreamy r&b. At least that’s how I describe them, but multiple sites describe them differently. They’re so much more than what genres can describe them as. One minute they hit you with the soft bass-heavy opera shit, then bam, you got the synth-led dream ballads. I constantly say that they are my favorite band out right now and that still holds up. Every time I get engulfed in the lyrics and it sets a vision in my head and I fall in love with every track.

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Recently, they’ve been releasing a bunch of singles and they’re all so good. It’s wild how consistent they are. Seven is the one that initially caught my attention though. That track sounds like you and your friends took a day trip out to the beach and no one else is there and you guys are just having fun and there’s no one else there. Those guitar chords just pull you in and warm your body up and put you in a happy mood. Recently though, my favorite has been their track Again. It reminds me of a SBTRKT song, like it could’ve been on Wonder Where We Land. Emma’s voice sounds haunting, but comforting at the same time and it’s perfect for the beat she’s singing over.

I’m telling you this is the best band out right now. I wouldn’t hype up trash. Please give them a listen, you won’t regret it.

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