We all know who our resident non-binary superstar Blake Saint David is by now. This amazing musician produces, writes, and performs their own music. Blake’s is a story that you don’t come across often. And the they translate that into an audio-form is just utterly beautiful. Blake said in our interview that they make it a point to not have any songs that sound the same, and they totally follow-through with that on this album. Every song transports you to a different world, and it doesn’t get too jumbled up or feel annoying.

First off, can we talk about this opening track? First time I heard it, it almost moved me to tears. The emotion you can hear in Blake’s voice is so powerful that it draws you in and you never want to lean back. You can especially hear it when their voice cracks and it sounds like they’re fighting back tears. I swear I played this song about 15 times in a row the first time I heard it because I didn’t want to end. The strings in the background add this gravitas to the track that it feels like Blake is telling their truth to a crowd of people like a motivation speaker. That’s just my take of course, but this track is absolutely beautiful.

The rest of the album has the same effect. Each song takes you by the collar and throws you into it’s specific world. It’s rare that an entire album is this good. I know i’m hyping it to hell, but it’s truly that good.

You’ve never heard an album like this before. You can’t even put a genre on it. Don’t even try or imma find you and sock you. Blake is an amazing artist and I’m very happy that we get to experience their art.

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