Now, I’m not going to lie, I was going into this blind. I barely knew who Billie Eilish was except for seeing her come across my Instagram feed. And even then it would never be her music, just the way she dresses. Which is sort of bizarre. It’s like a mix of early 2000’s mixed with current styles. Sometimes I fuck with it, but sometimes it confuses me. Like, why’d you put that on ma? But whatever, who am I to judge? She’s rich, I’m not. But our buddy Blake Saint David said her latest album was pretty good so I decided to give it a try.

I try to go into albums I don’t necessarily fuck with, with open ears. That’s what I did with this album because I was very put off by the cover. I mean look at that shit! That shit creepy as hell! Looking at it I expected this to be a goth-introspective album. It’s kind of cool though, because she’s doing her own thing. Can’t hate on that. This shit isn’t that bad though.  It’s a good ass mix of different genres. I almost don’t even want to put a name on it because it would put it in a box. There’s some pop elements, some house elements with these booming 808’s, then she switch it up forreal on you and throw some alternative-indie type tracks at you.

I don’t fuck with all of the tracks, but not because they’re necessarily bad. They just not for me. This is a solid ass album, it’s just obviously not for me. I’m sure if you’re a fan of her this is like the best album ever. Some that stand out are bad guy, xanny, wish you were gay, when the party’s over & ilomilo. wish you were gay is a great example of her genre mixing. That song is so good man, I thought I wasn’t gonna like it because the name is weird. But it takes you by surprise. Especially when that beat drops. This album is so solid, if you haven’t listened yet, you sleep.

Little side note: When/If she gets in the studio with Timbaland it’s gonna be over for any other singer. Her beats already have a Timbo feel, but when they actually work together? It’s gonna be a fucking problem yo.

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