On twitter you meet all kinds of people. Some very nice, but mostly not so nice. So when into a very genuinely nice person it’s like a breath of fresh air. Vonte aka RioRidgeVonte is definitely one of those people. I been following him for a minute on twitter and I don’t think I’ve seen one mean spirited tweet. He also makes wonderful music. I like to think his positive energy seeps into his music and it adds to its enjoyability. Which is a lot because his music is spectacular.

Vonte by Vonte

When I first started writing this I was blanking on adjectives for him so I asked him how he would describe himself. He said: Persistent, Technical & Sincere. And those are perfect for him. You can hear it in the music. Everything sounds like Vonte took his time with it and actually tried to craft a piece of art. Just to name a few examples: I Wish U Knew sounds like you’re cruising at night time with not really anywhere to go, Bissell sound like it could be in Samurai Champloo, When the beat drops on Shew it feels like somebody just punched you in the chest.

I say all of this to say that Vonte is a great person all around.  If you’re not already up on him you should be. Actually as I was writing this Bleed came on and wow. That song is beautiful. Everything, the way he sampled the Maxwell track, how the snares and hi-hats hit, how the beat drops out before the bass comes in too, just beautiful.

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