Nepotism is defined by google as: “The practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.” This is how NAV raps. He has Nepotistic bars, the person that put him into to a job is The Weeknd. He forced this nerd with a Napoleon complex on us and now we’re stuck with him. That’s the best way to describe this project. Because it’s the middest of the mid, it’s high-grade mid, super mid bros. deluxe Wii U edition. I had to give it a chance though, people were hyping it to death on twitter so I thought “Oh, maybe NAV came through this time.” Nah, Not really.

Whenever I hear NAV rap I cringe a little bit. His voice is so nasally that it’s hard to sit through. It sounds like he’s whining on every fucking song. It’s hard to believe this is a grown man complaining about some high schooler shit. Plus he be straight LYIN’ too. There’s a song on here where he says “What would the game do without me?” I guess he forgot when he “threatened” us with him retiring along with Uzi and got demolished on the internet but just about everyone. Then came back like a month later. Like “SURPRISE!” I’m laughing now because I remember tweeting “I THOUGHT YOU RETIRED STOP TORMENTING US.” Truth be told before this album I had never heard a NAV song before except for Minute and that song sucks. So if we were getting another album of shit like that he could keep the fuck outta that.

But here we are, 24 new anxious teenage nerd songs. Let me reiterate 24 NEW NAV SONGS FAM. Fuck, this shit is long as hell for no reason. Every song without a feature is the exact. same. song. “Look at how much money I have, They praying for my downfall, I got shootas, I’m alone, but please love me, etc.” It’s gets so boring fam, I actually fell asleep. The only thing that really redeems this album is the beats and the features. Young Thug, Meek Mill, Weeknd, Gunna & Future all kill their features. They’re all pretty routine for the rappers. Gunna boasts about his materialistic gains and how he came up, Future raps about drugs and hoes in the way only he can, Meek comes in yelling about sex and some other shit. Weeknd yadda-yadda whatever. YOUNG THUG’s FEATURE IS BIZARRE OKAY.

Thugger‘s feature starts off normally, but by the end he just says fuck it. He starts off by talking about how his drug use has led to him abusing his financial status.  People try to warn him about it but he shrugs it off and keeps doing it. He also talks about spending money on multiple hoes. But fuck all of that. Thug openly admits to wanting to fuck his aunt. Unprompted, too. Like, he’s talking about the Chanel boots a lady has on then compares her to his aunt and says “You look just like my rich auntie, She was the first person wearing Blondie, I used to want to fuck my auntie.” I had to rewind that shit a couple times because I just couldn’t believe what I just heard. I’m still kind of in shock because who just admits that??

Do yourself a favor and do not listen to this album. It’s not worth it. I can’t believe I willingly put myself through that.

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