Sometime you see a person and it feels like they were made for whatever they were doing. If they ended up doing something else it would seem like the world would end. NoGum Hundo is one of those people.


When you listen to how effortlessly Hundo flows on any beat he graces with his presence the world seems right. His southern accent makes his rhymes sound playful, but super serious too. No matter the subject matter.

If you listen to OGYN 1.5 you’ll hear what I’m talking about. I mean that album is damn near perfect. The beats fit Hundo so well you woulda thought they were the same person. You can hear the determination and focus in Hundo’s voice. He fully believes what he’s talking about and if you don’t then it’s fuck you.

I love Hundo because he brings a certain energy to every track. His newest release Hundoza is great, ESPECIALLY Represent. That beat, Hundo’s energy, the flow too! Just fire. Plus I love yelling ” HUNNDOOOOO” at random times in the day.

Hundo by jwar

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