If you’re new here, rarerashad or ra$$$had or simply $$$ is my favorite artist ever. He’s one of the only artists that I make sure to listen to whenever they drop and every time is better than the last. He’s constantly evolving in his sound and with every drop he shows that. Golden Boy Rashad is no different. Now, we’ve heard a lot of these songs before when ra$$$had did his “AT HOME” performance for the BUMMER YouTube channel. So some of these sound a bit familiar, but seeing as that video only has 14 views for some reason, I’m going to treat this article like an introduction.

$$$ is in a lane of his own when it comes to the production, starting off with the first track kintaro $$$ starts off with a bunch of audio clips over a ambient loop with these early-Neptunian drums. It’s a great pre-cursor to not only the album, but his style as well. Then we get to the track Jackie Joy, and wow. The song is about your dream girl, but a dream girl that is playing hard to get with $$$. Does she really want him, or is she just playing with his emotions? Who knows, but he can swing. Now, I’m going to sound like a broken record, but the drums on this song are so hypnotic. They’re guided by the sound of a sped up clock, tick-tocking in and out of your ears. It’s impossible to not bob along as $$$ croon’s about requited feelings. The bassline is pure grooves, it moves you along with it.

Right after that is the track cola and wow. $$$ starts the track off with a flow that I’ve never heard him use before, but he does it so well that it feels like he was born to rap over this exact beat, at this exact time, with this exact flow. He chops his words naturally that you can bob your head to his word flow by itself and still be on beat with the song. Then, in the middle he sings in harmony with himself and it sounds like a Zapp & Roger song, he probably wasn’t even going for that but it sounds so familiar and nostalgic. I love it oh so much.

Okay, my favorite song ever made, infatuation, is on this album. Quick story, $$$ sent me the demo for this track when I was 18 years old. I was at work and I snuck to the kitchen to listen to it. This version didn’t have Kiie on it, but the base idea was there and I was ecstatic to say the least. Almost four full years later and I still get the same level of happiness whenever I hear it. From the opening synth notes to the 808’s that punch you directly in the chest. Adding Kiie took the song from amazing to incredible. Her vocals a whole ‘nother level, especially the runs she hits before ra$$$had’s second verse. Her ad-libs are so fire too. $$$ and Kiie are a match made in heaven. This song is ever-relevant lyric wise too. That one person you are just so into that you can’t imagine your life without them. This song sounds like love, that moment in the movie where the two love interests lock eyes for the first time.

We have to take the song Jazzmen and shoot it out into space so the aliens can know what we’re capable of down here. The first half of the song sounds like one of those early 2000’s tracks were every artist on the song is just rapping their ass off. Super groovy. Then, the beat switches and suddenly it’s raining and the beat consists of the almost haunting synths and these infectious bassline. Sounds like those videos of Tokyo when it’s just starting to rain. On the last track eye miss black women we get an appearance from one of our resident best rappers alive, Erictherager and our favorite alien soul singer Terrell Ray. When these three get together it sounds just as refreshing as the last time you heard them. Eric brings his trademark unmatched flow and expert level line delivery then BAM! Terrell sends the songs to the stratosphere. In my 21 years on this planet not many come close to the uniqueness of Terrell’s flow and delivery and actually pull it off. Just an all-around solid tape, but what would you expect from the auditory alchemist?

I think rarerashad is one of the greatest to ever do it, if that isn’t evident by now, I must suck as a journalist. Check this album out though, then go back into his discography and production discography! You won’t be mad you did, trust me.

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