With a third of the year out of the way, we’ve seen some remarkable things so far for the year 2022. Russia invading the Ukraine, another Batman reboot (chefs kiss), and the slap heard around the world delivered by Will Smith. But the most pleasant surprise came from Nabisco when they finally rereleased the Oreo Cakesters after a grueling 10 year hiatus. The announcement came late last year and as of February, these gooey lumps of pleasure are officially back on the shelfs.

Now if you grew up with my fat ass then you know these boxes were stuffed in my kitchen pantry. I would play out the mental scenario in the middle of class of me busting through my front door, kicking my shoes off, grabbing a pack and dolphin diving on my bed to bite into these pillows of happiness. When these first came out, I thought Nabisco couldn’t do better than the double stuffed Oreos. How naive and stupid of me. I’ll never forget the first time I got a chance to eat one. The battle in Walmart convincing my health conscious mother that these aren’t heart attacks in a box, the insanely soft touch of the chocolate cake, and once I digested the first cake, things were never the same. It felt like a love affair against Oatmeal Creme Pies and like the whore I am I fell in love with the home wrecker. But karma has an acute sense of humor because when they took them away a decade ago I was torn. Did the public not praise them enough? Did my mother secretly get Nabisco to discontinue them? Does Nabisco nit like money? There were so many possible answers but the outcome still led to doom.

But rainy days make for fantastic rainbows because the wait is over! As soon as they announced the return I went to every grocery store that I could to find them again. The only problem is you greedy bastards didn’t leave me a single box to have. To this day I still can’t find a store that doesn’t have these things sold out. As selfish as I sound, I take comfort in the fact that people seem to be as crazy about these just as much as I am. Which means Ill have plenty of chances to buy a box someday soon. Shout out to Exxon for always having the 3 pack fully loaded when I put $20 in my tank. Im pleased to know that they still kept the formula the same as it was 10 years prior. That was a big fear of mine to bite in it and it taste like horse breath.

Now as much as I love the Cakesters, does it compare to the original Oreo? In my delusional world yes, but for all you people that liver off of negativity I will admit that the classic is still heavyweight champ. But I challenge you to run to the store, buy a box, and try being happy for 5 minutes. And while y’all at it bring ya boy a box too.