I’ve known Pierre for a minute now. Before my original twitter got suspended he was one of the first people I connected with on there. We both have a shared love of Blood Orange, Pharrell, Tyler, and a bunch of other shit and we’d constantly go back and forth on them. Then, following him on instagram I found out that he takes fire ass photos and directs. Whatever medium Pierre is using to showcase his talent he finds a way to make sure you know he did it. I was surprised when he agreed to do this, but then again, I’m surprised when anyone agrees to interviews with us. This shit was great though! We talked about a lot of shit: His short film BUFFALO, his influences, what the future has in store, and more!

Deshaun: When did you first pick up a camera?

Pierre Le Fleur: At 18, but been wanting to do it since 10.

D: Did you finally get the camera as a gift or did you save up to get one?

PLF: I copped one myself, ain’t no handouts.

D: Facts, what kind was it?

PLF: Canon 7D

D: How did you develop your style?

PLF: Skate docs, tumblr, indie films. Just knowing how some visuals look really be catching my attention 100%.

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alexa play binz by solange.

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D: Just a random question: Did you watch/like Mid90s?

PLF: Yes it’s ight. Felt like watching a soft ass Kids.

D: I got the same exact feeling. Do you have a favorite film?

PLFPaid In Full

D: Do you have any major influences? Doesn’t have to be photographers.

PLF: Terry Kennedy, Bam Margera, Tyshawn Jones, Na-kel Smith, Lucien Clark, All the cast of Jackass, All the black directors in the world, Tyler, Earl, Master P, Pharrell, Jay-Z, Carti, Kelis, Badu, The Internet, Old Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, Toro Y Moi, Cash Money Records, Kilo Kish, Stereolab, Kid Cudi, Old Kanye, Waka Flocka, Cosmo Pyke, Bakar, and  King Krule. Mash all them up n you basically have me

D: That’s a great list. Stereolab though. Lætitia Sadier’s voice is fire. I remember first hearing her on Wolf. With having all of those influences what impact have they had on your creations?

PLF: The way I want stuff to be shot. All the stuff I shoot not even what I really want it to be but I’ll get there once it feels complete.

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| Last Day of Summer | NYC.

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D: So now that it’s out how do you feel about your short that you just released?

PLF: Relieved, executed, time to work on something else.

D: where did the idea for it come from?

PLF: Black women being great. Showing no matter what the hardships are they’ll always prevail. Like black civil activists back in the 60’s and 70’s I just wanted to show appreciation to.

D: But you contrast that with Whoa by earl man shit is great I loved that. Plus Oblivion by grimes at the beginning dude!! I know you did that on purpose there’s so many levels in that.

PLF: Music taste is endless I’m into a lot of shit. I see things mad differently.

D: It shows man. Do you like directing more than shooting pictures? Or are they hand in hand?

PLF: Hand in hand I love doing both, I love this shit. Nothing can stop me forreal forreal I’m telling you, I’m built for this shit.

D: I fully believe that. It shows forreal. So what’s next?

PLF: I don’t even know we’ll see though, I juss like to gradually progress with my work and see where it takes me. Shit I might juss start DJ-ing I only do stuff I like or find new interest in.

D: I’m excited to see whatever it is man honestly. Oh! One last question: How did it feel when Dev posted the picture you took of him?

PLF: Nigga I was stoked! Like, “Oh fuck I listen to this man everyday and mans did that for me!” We had a conversation after his DJ set and mans was so genuine. It felt like a mental autograph lol.

D: So fire man I was hyped when I saw you tagged. Well that’s it for me. anything else you want to add?

PLF: Yeah, I smell really good right now like, damn I wish my imagine gf was here to smell me.

D: You want that in there?

PLF: Yes, please do.

D: Bet lol thanks man.

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