Let me start this off by saying this is Kanye’s best project. The only one that comes close is Late Registration and that was my favorite for a minute, but I’ve been listening to them one after another for about a week now and Yeezus wins every single time. It took me a minute to get into this album because when it came out we (at the time) had heard nothing like this from Ye. But as time went on I would warm up to more and more songs and before long I’d come to love almost every song on here. I Am A God is skippable definitely, and Send It Up is real situational. Other than those two, this album has some classics on it. This album is really amazing to me, but since everyone rides My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘s dick (for some odd reason) it doesn’t get its proper shine. It sees Ye at his horniest, angriest, and rowdiest. Ye assembled this unexpected ensemble of artist and producers, Daft Punk, Rick Rubin, Gesaffelstein, ARCA, Cudi, Chief Keef, King Louie, and bunch of other people to create this chaotic masterpiece.

From start to finish this album is close to amazing. On Sight?! That synthesizer going crazy for like 33-fucking-seconds and then Kanye comes in and just loses his fucking mind “Yeezy season approachin’ fuck whatever y’all been hearing!” Then the beat goes even crazier oh my god I love it. And the gas doesn’t let up that song goes right into Black Skinhead. Those drums sound like a marching band losing their minds. Kanye breathes throughout the entire duration of the song, but you don’t even realize it because he’s going nuts on this shit. It sounds like he recorded this shit in a bathroom and he’s at least two feet away from the mic. Still good though. Ye ends it all with a one word chant: “God!” He says this eleven-fucking-times and you feel the power every single time. Plus the drums behind it?! Fuck I melt every time. New Slaves is one of my favorite songs of all time. I wish I could go back in time and hear this song for the first time again. Kanye’s energy on this song is unmatched. Especially in that second verse holy shit. He touches on so many subjects: How untouchable he is, the over incarceration of black people, rich people’s contribution to that, and fucking their wives because of it. Then, when you think it’s all over at 2:53 you’re transported to heaven. The beat changes and it sounds like you died and you find out heaven’s actually real and they’re opening the gates for you. You think i’m over exaggerating? I’m not. This shit is emotional man. Ye’s is singing his heart out, Frank Ocean comes in with the smooth vocals, all over an Omega sample. God, that guitar is ear candy.

Wow. I can go all day on this album. Hold My Liquor follows and who would’ve thought to put Chief Keef, Bon Iver, ARCA, Mike Dean on a song together?? Shit does not sound like it would work, but it fucking does! It’s Ye at his most introspective, revealing all of his toxicity and not really being ashamed of it either. I’m In It is the most aggressively horny songs I’ve ever heard. It’s about Ye and this lady were at a party, but left to smash, Ye eats her ass, and proceeds to have mind blowing sex. Apparently. This song is disgusting bro. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nasty. Blood On The Leaves is probably the most grandiose track on here. It starts off slow with just a piano and a Nina Simone sample, then the piano speeds up and the sample gets chopped up and you’re like: “Something is about to happen.” Ye raps about a girl taking an otherwise private relationship private for fame and then he says “So let’s get on wit it.” And all hell breaks loose. These horns come in, the drums boom and distort, the sample glitches and changes pitch. It’s great. Listening to this song in a car with the volume up and the bass maxed out is one of the best feelings ever. Especially yelling “Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down with my niggas, Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down with my niggas, Fuck them other niggas ’cause I’m down with my niggas, I ride with my niggas, I’d die for my…” Well if you’re black of course.

Ye ends the album off with the only real “traditional” song on the album. Bound 2 is good, but it sounds so out of place. And this is the second version too. Bound 1 was produced by Tyler, the Creator and HudMo and it woulda sounded even more out of place so I guess we got the better version. Thanks to Rick Rubin. There’s a version Kanye and Charlie Wilson did on this british show and the synth that plays in the beginning is so fucking good, but since BBC is stingy they blocked it everywhere. Ending on this song is cool though. It shows how Ye is slowly trying to mature now that he’s in love and trying to faithful. But he’s still Ye and Ye is not perfect. It’s beautiful man. This album is just beautiful. Listen and fall in love. There’s at least one song on here for everyone. Just gotta dig for it.

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