Not gonna lie, I had no idea who Keem was before this tape. I had heard people saying some of the lyrics to ORANGE SODA, but no one would tell me who it was. Then at a house party I finally found out who it was and heard the song in full and loved it. Which is rare because usually when a lot of people love something I immediately am turned off to it. But DIE FOR MY BITCH? This shit is different. Keem is a walking firework one minute then a hopeless romantic the other. That would be chaotic if someone else tried, but since Keem is hella versatile he pulls it off flawlessly.

There’s a couple songs on here where the beat switches and it catches you totally off-guard. STATS, MOSHPIT & NOT MY BRO all do this and wow I’m so glad. Especially on NOT MY BRO because it starts off as this obviously fake Carti song, but then that beat changes and Keem’s energy goes through the roof. Keem has you in the palm of his hand on pretty much every song on this album. Except MY EX, god that song sucks. I’m biased of course because I hate hearing people sing/rap over guitar loops. It’s like whenever rappers/singers link up with that one fat white guy with the glasses who loops the same 4 bars over and over again. That’s exactly what this song sounds like. Nothing redeems this song either. If Keem came through with quotable lyrics or something I’d could salvage it, but nah he just uses this weird early 2000’s pop-punk impression to talk about how he hates using condoms.

That’s really the only low point on the album, every other song is either amazing or pretty good. My favorite has to be BULLIES, though. Keem is so groovy on this song it’s wild. He uses this baby voice on a very specifc part of the hook and no other part so it makes it super memorable, then the rest of the song he talks about his problems in past relationship, but still manages to make it sound positive. Once you listen to the song once, you gotta listen to it again. It’s infectious. Listen to that last part where he’s saying “she bully me” forwards and backwards and starts making beeping noises and singing backing vocals and try to refrain from randomly doing it all day.

This album has me very excited to see how Keem follows this project up. From what I’m seeing it can only go up from here.