Where do I even begin with these guys? Dew and blackrobeBLACKROBES are LOWERLIPDRIP based out of Chicago, IL. They’re approach to music is something else. The production bounces from these beautiful piano driven melodies to angry metallic sounding bass heavy beats. They never miss a beat though (sorry.) This is the most evident on Live Stream. On this song the duo rap over this in you face beat led by the chant: “Tell me who gon’ die? It’s a live stream suicide“. It starts off with these chants and shakers then that fucking bass comes in and your spine jumps out of your body. Both verses have hella quotables too. blackrobeBLACKROBES has: “What it cost nigga? Thirty-thousand for a watch, “Choppas loaded and they Japanese“, “I’m online and my dick soft. Fuck. Then Dew comes in with: “My PC slowin’ down, no memory, talk better than John F. Kennedy” and “I’m hostile, I’m not polite, I’m pro-black bitch, get it right“. Then right when the beat gets to its craziest it fades into a piano loop. And the wild thing is: It doesn’t lose your attention. Most of the time when an artist totally changes the tempo in the middle of a song you only want to hear one half or the other, but you just can’t skip either half of this track. My god Auto Save is fucking crazy. It starts off with this menacing ass bass then your only warning: “Damn it’s cold!” After that they don’t let up. The duo fucking raps their asses off and jesus christ it’s amazing. Listen to it and try not to say: “I’m pro-color, feminist, there’s no other” or “I am Jesus, in the proper light“.

They’re fire together, but on their own they’re just as great. Home/Hurts is where they showcase this. Dew’s track is Home. it sees him rapping over this cut-up vocal sample and Eric Sampsun’s vocals. Dew raps about just about everything that’s on his mind. His grandmother, those who came before him, and fake friends among a myriad of other topics. His flow meshes so well over the production that you can’t help but nod your head. Hurts is where blackrobeBLACKROBES decides to fully flex on all of us and show off his production and his rhyming skills. The beat is hypnotic that you don’t have to wait for the drums to come in to start feeling it. He talks about the troubles about showing affection towards someone in his own way. The lyrics over the somber sample make me make the stank-face (in a good way.) Especially after he says “…and that’s when it hurts the worst.” 

LLD is one of my favorite discoveries recently. They’re super versatile and they don’t waste anytime letting it be known that they aren’t going away anytime soon.

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