Yo, what the fuck. This is hilarious. Okay so knockoff shoes have been around since the dawn of time. I’m sure when jesus came out with his signature sandals a guy tried to replicate those and call them his own. As time goes on they’ve become more commonplace and as technology advances they’ve become harder to spot. But then you get some companies that just don’t give a fuck and just have it out in the open. BAPE is probably the biggest example of this. I mean if you look at the BAPESTA for two seconds you can see that it bites the Air Force One silhouette. SERIAL RAPIST Ian Connor also put out his fake vans with a lightning bolt on the side of them and his cult of RAPE APOLOGISTS ate them up because of the name attached to them.

Flash forward to now and we have Steve Madden who have taken that fusion trend that’s rearing it’s ugly head to a new level and combing three different elements for their latest sneaker the “Malone”. This shoe looks like a cartoon characters shoes when they want them to be “urban”, but don’t want to pay Nike for the product placement. It obviously looks like a Jordan 1, but the deconstructed look is obvious from the Off-White design template, star on the side from the BAPESTA, then to tip it off they gave one of them the Travis Scott 1’s colorway. This is hilarious yo.


Funny thing is, they don’t look half bad. Steve Madden was smart by choosing the iconic “Chicago” colorway and cashing in on current trends with the “Cactus Jack” colorway. I’m surprised that they haven’t sold out yet, but if you look on the site they’re still available in an array of sizes. I’m probably going to cop these just because of the star on the side and to piss people off.

Cop the “Malones” here if you want

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