2013 was a golden year for music holy fuck. Wolf, Because the Internet, Indicud, The 1975 just to name a few. This was the year that I hit my biggest year in musical experimentation so I was listening to fucking everything. Some of it was really fucking good and stuck with me six years later, but some of it fucking sucked dick. One of the albums that didn’t though was Pure-fucking-Heroine. Good god I love this album guys. I think someone recommended me this on 8tracks (wow, what an old sentence that is.) That one recommendation fucked me up. I was like this the girl that’s on the radio too. Because Royals was making its rounds at this time and I fucked with it heavy. (Also, just a side note, Rick Ross has a remix to Royals and it pisses off every time I think about it. Why the hell does that exist?) Then, I listened to the entire album and literally every song is good. Like, no shit every fucking song.

Lorde was 17 when this shit dropped, and wow the talent she had at 17, fam I’m 19 years old and I’m barely doing shit. She started this song off this album with Tennis Court and literally it only gets better. The song starts off with just a synth and a continuous beep/clap then that beat drops and the song grabs you by the collar and transports you to the world of Lorde. Everything is different tones of grey, but it’s beautiful. This album sees Lorde reflecting on her past, but also looking forward to her future with her new found fame and she translates that perfectly into music form. Bravado is a perfect example of using the past and the present to create a beautiful track.  This track sees her talking about how she’s been introverted her entire life, but since she now has to go on stage and preform and put on this persona and fake the happiness. To already be that cognizant of what you want/don’t want out of fame at 17 is amazing.

The production on this album is all handled by Joel Little and they really beat it over your head that there’s no features like anyone gives a shit, but whatever. The production is golden throughout the album. This shit is very solid on it’s own, but the production just adds another level on “you can’t fuck with this” energy to it. Team is one of my favorite beats on here. That synth that rises and lowers, those splashy claps, then the beat drops and it feels like the sun is rising and you feel every ray hitting your skin. The kick feels like a heartbeat and adds…life to the track (sorry.) Ribs is probably my favorite song on the album. It starts off with these distorted vocals that revolve from one ear to the other, then that just washes away and it’s just Lorde’s voice and this ambient synth, then the beat comes in a adds all of these elements together and the tempo increases and so does Lorde’s voice ahhhh it’s perfect.

You couldn’t ask for a better debut album man. And yeah this came out six years ago, but I own this and I’ll write about whatever I want. I love this album and you probably will too. That’s why I’m stressing about this. But no, seriously listen to that Rick Ross remix, please.

Listen to Pure Heroine here

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