Good god Mavi is back and better than ever on this one here! Nah, hold on let me introduce him before I give praise. Mavi is an amazing rapper from NC, I first heard about him through soundcloud with his hit One Foot instantly I became a fan. His lowkey husky flow is an ear catcher and the production too. It’s this sample that sounds like you’re listening to it through an old fucked up radio, but that only adds to why I like it. That lo-fi sound (even though it feels weird to describe it like that.) But yeah, Mavi is great. If this is your introduction to him put faith in me that i’m speaking facts.

Right off the bat Mavi is spitting. Switching flows and subjects, I mean one of the first lines is, “Had to knock the lining out her ribs to let some love in there, I be justifying crises lived from writing couple hymns”, just fire. The second track is composed of three track and in just that one track it gives you a little taste of what Mavi is made of. Fire rhymes, dope storytelling, and a certain level of introspection that hooks you in and keeps you there. selflove is a perfect example of all of this. The first part of the song is very good. Mavi is of course flowing his ass off. the second part though, that’s something special. The beat switches and Mavi just lets the choppa loose. He raps about a lot of shit and he holds your attention the entire time. You can hear the emotion behind those words and you can also hear him about to run outta breath and really pushing those words out.

All of the elements in this album show their ass on every track. Not a dull moment on here. You know you’re not getting trash from Mavi himself so the production HAS to keep up and it fucking does. Earl Sweathirt, MIKE, NATE, Murky Waters, Ovrkast. all kill their contributions. chiasma is a great example of this. On this track Mavi speaks about his current mental state and goals. He dreams about being inside of car that speeding and careening towards a baby in the road and how he wakes up from it and it effects his entire way of thinking. He talks about wanting to be successful to put a smile on his Mother’s face because she made him who he is. He does all of this over this piano loop that is neither sad nor ecstatic. It has a sense of optimism, but only enough to keep you hopeful for the future, but reminds you of the past. Perfect for the subject matter. Also, I could just be talking out of my ass. Word to Nephew Hesh good gracious the beat on guernica is so groovy. The way the phone dialing is incorporated into the beat and how the percussion has that shaker on top of it is like ear candy.

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