So, let me start this off by saying that I don’t care about half of these songs. Only listened to them to get a full scope. Because you smoking crack if you think I care about a song with Ari Lennox and Baby Rose on it. Or, so I thought. I was fully prepared to skip all of the songs with people I don’t care about on them, but they didn’t disappoint. The concept of this album intrigued me though. It reminded me of how Dark Twisted Fantasy was made. Bring all of these people to one location and just work, no matter what they do. As we saw in the documentary Giannis, Chris Bosh, Ludacris, and a bunch of other random people were there for various reasons. When you have a big ass studio full of some of the hottest established, up-and-coming, and mostly unknown artists it kinda can’t fail.

For the most part this album is very solid. If you watch the documentary you can see that everyone had this competitive energy about them since it was sooo many artists there. You can hear it in the music. Every verse is written and performed like it’s gonna be their last verse ever. It felt like they put more energy than usual into their verses. Well, almost everybody. Believe it or not, the person who’s the biggest dud on this album is Jermaine Cole himself. Whenever Cole starts rapping my interest drops significantly. So when I got to Sacrifices and this mf got the nerve to have not one, but two fucking verses I almost cut this shit off.  Plus, this nigga yelling and shit about having another kid and it’s like cool fam, but damn all up in my ears n’ shit!? On Oh Wow… this man says: “So active on the radio, i’m radioactive.” That’s one of the worst bars I have ever heard in my life.

The other artists definitely made up for it though. Especially: Buddy, JID, Bas, Guapdad 4000, Nudy & Maxo Kream. Buddy, JID & Guapdad absolutely destroy Wells Fargo, I can’t describe how fire this song is. It sounds like chaos and they were just having so much fun with the beat and it translates so well. Fucking Costa Rica is so damn good. I’m so glad Cole didn’t touch this track because it’s so perfect on it’s own. Pyrex and CuBeatz killed the beat, Reese LaFLARE killed the intro, Bas’ verse is so smooth and menacing, Guapdad slides in on the chorus and meshes with the beat, OH MY GOD SKI MASK??? Fucking Ski Mask’s verse sweet christ. Just listen to how he effortlessly murders his verse. AYYEEE GOIN ON A DATE WIT A AK!!!

This project is solid. It fulfilled it’s purpose of bringing together a big group of artists that people wouldn’t think of and create multiple fire tracks. I recommend it definitely, but don’t say I didn’t warn you about Cole’s trash input.

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