This is late, I know. About 6 years too late almost. But, this album is so special to me that I had to write about it. Plus, I feel obligated to write about all of the Blood Orange albums. I reviewed Negro Swan for my high school and this album is amazing so why not?

Dev Hynes is such a renaissance man. He plays just about every instrument you hear on this album. It reminds me of when I’d listen to Prince or Tame Impala and the credits would just be their names. I don’t know how to describe Hynes’ music. The sound is so him. The way the guitar chords sound, the synths in the background, how the drums and the bass play off of each other like ingredients in a pot. This album is a perfect representation of that, and it easy to tell it’s a Blood Orange album when you’re listening.

Hynes said that the spirit of collaboration was the inspiration for this album and it really shows in the music. Skepta, Caroline Polacheck from Chairlift, Kindness & more are all featured on the album. All of the features on the album show up and kill their songs, but I wasn’t really feeling Despot’s contribution. His feature is such a stark contrast from the rest of the album. He brings this Bootie Brown-type energy, like when he as featured on Dirty Harry by Gorillaz. This song is preceded by Chosen then followed by Always Let U Down. Two amazing songs that flow with each other. God, this album is so beautiful.

Skepta’s feature is probably the best though. His contribution is so poetic and inspirational. He tells about his journey on his way to his fame and how he dedicates it to the people that are just like him. And through all of the ups and downs he takes it all because that just life. All in all this album is so beautiful to me, it’s wild how good it is.

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