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Cover for Baby on Baby

Baby on Baby by Charlotte-based Rap Superstar DaBaby is probably the most boisterous rap album I’ve ever heard. The first line: “I feel like takin’ it out, It’s hard to pop shit wit my grill in,” Like who the fuck says that? That happens throughout the entire album. Baby Jesus believes he’s the best rapper alive and he’s going to let you know, Quickly too. DaBaby wastes no time talking his shit. On the first couple tracks he starts before you can even register that the song changed. I love that shit man, don’t add a unnecessary third verse just to pad time. Say what you gotta say and get the fuck outta there.

When you listen to DaBaby’s music you’ll notice an air of comedy in his lyrics. He blends his overwhelming confidence with a humorous side so you sometimes you’ll have to rewind the song and say “Did he really just say that?” A perfect example of this is on Baby Sitter which features Migos’ Offset. On this track he says: “You got a son, you play with me, your son a bastard (Haha), That nigga trippin’, why he laughin’? Nah, that’s fucked up, bro, you ain’t have to goddamn bring the kids into itThe fact that he does a evil villain laugh then immediately questions himself is hilarious to me. But he doesn’t overdo it like other rappers would.

This project is so very solid. A great debut to gain a larger audience. I had no idea who he was until the day the album came out. I fully accept that I was sleep though.