When it comes to rap I feel like I’m pretty easy to please. Long as the beats are fire and the raps are sick, I’m hooked. Within that there are a couple cheat codes: certain features and producers will get my attention every time. One cheat code is the God Roc Marciano. As I detailed in my “The Art of Luxury Rap” article, Roc is one of the most detailed and deadly rappers to ever grace the planet. So seeing that he was featured on two of the six tracks on this project was more than enough for me. I had no prior knowledge of RU$H or Jay Nice before this album, but wow am I a fan now. What a perfect tape to introduce yourself to a new listener! Great beats, amazing raps and the cover art was done by Atlanta-legend FRKO. All of the aspects of this album signal a classic, and they delivered.

Ferrari Drip starts the album off, and a saxophone welcomes you into this painting made by not only RU$H & Jay Nice, but Roc and Willie The Kid as well. It almost sounds like the curtains are opening. Everyone raps in a laid back tone, but urgent enough to let you know that they aren’t here to fuck around. They are all better than you and their outfits cost way more than yours. What I love about this as an opener is that everyone sounds at home over this beat. Plus, each rapper’s voice is distinct, no way to mistake who anyone is. On a song with three other illustrious rappers on it, it’s important to stand out. RU$H has this higher pitched delivery, which he uses to rap about his guns, his women & his loyalty to Italian garments. Jay Nice is next, he raps in a deep and commanding tone. His wordplay is insane here: “Prominent person, I’m a surgeon its a given, word to Jimmy I’m burning Purple Hendrix (?*), experience was my first event.” Just a beautiful way to introduce you to this project. That feeling goes right into Gods in Givenchy. This is definitely my favorite track off the project. First off, this beat is mesmerizing. The way they let the sample talk as an introduction, then the saxophone comes back and acts like a snake charmer. Like its charming Jay Nice to come out and he sounds playfully terrifying. Like a veteran that’s seen things, but has way more to see. This is best evident when he says, “These dudes is softer than Snoop Dogg and Martha chilling, that must be a truly awful feeling.” What I love about RU$H & Jay Nice is that they use their ad-libs as time to be their own hypemen. Usually answering questions they just posed, adding context or egging themselves on. RU$H uses his verse to remind you that he’s a long way from when he was on the corner, now he has Balenciaga bags with hundred of hundred dollar bills in them. Roc is the perfect feature for this beat, his nasally yet powerful delivery fits so well over it that you’d think they came together. Streets of Rage 91 sounds like you’re about to either stab somebody or you’re about get stabbed. The beat is hypnotizing, consisting of a piano that sounds out of tune and a kick drum that could kick a hole in your chest. Now, if you thought Jay Nice sounded menacing before? Nah, he sounds like a monster on this one. First time I heard, “Millitant, killing it, willing to torch shit, get your porch lit with a Dillinger, middle New York shit, I’m on some boss shit!” I damn near threw my headphones across the room. Then RU$H comes in right where he left off and sounds equally terrifying. “I’m pouring Ace of Spade on the blade before swinging, court papers say your shit bubbled like north faces, you was never a threat nor dangerous.” Then (!!!) Willie The Kid comes in and delivers one of the craziest verses I’ve ever heard. Damn near every bar has a video game reference in it. He even recites the Konami Code after telling you he’ll expire you by firing guns like Contra. Are you joking right now?

RU$H & Jay Nice are a supremely talented duo who have so many songs and projects together that you could take out a whole day to listen to it all. This is just FLY ART, this project came out in 2020. Since then they’ve released three more album together, even one with Tha God Fahim. All art done by Atlanta artist and legend FREAKO RICO aka FRKO. If that doesn’t convince you then I have no idea what will. I hope these two will continue to supply us with luxurious raps, because they’re my go to now.

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