So it’s no secret that we love Josh and Steph aka Stevie Dinner. We’ve been screaming about them for quite some time now. These two new tracks only add to our fandom. Leading up to their new album they dropped two new singles “Junkie” and “Cutting It Close.” Both spectacular and super groovy. “Junkie” features these drums that make it insanely hard to keep your head still, and on top of that bassline it’s like a match made in heaven. The flute adds a nice touch then they add the tambourine when the breakdown comes in and Josh is losing his mind on guitar and you hear Steph delivering the runs of the century in the back. It’s so fire. “Cutting It Close” starts off with synth which is the cheat code to making your song amazing, then the bass comes in and it’s so unique to Stevie it’s wild. When the vocals come in they’re this layered harmonies that sound oh so dreamy. Oh my goodness then the breakdown comes in and Josh once again loses his mind, these strings slowly rise to the forefront and it comes to a triumphant, but abrupt end. It’s so great. Take some time out to listen to these tracks below, trust me.

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