Whenever I look at a photo, and the art direction the photographer went in makes me uncomfortable it draws me in more. It’s like when someone’s like: “Oh, I just farted” and you don’t immediately leave the area. You stick around for like two more seconds to smell then you go: “Aw yeah, you did totally fart!” That’s an excellent way to describe how I was drawn to Nadia’s photography.

Recently, she directed the video for The Garden’s song Thy Mission with resident creep Mac DeMarco. That video is something else. Nadia always finds a way to make a shoot hers. I’m not good with titles, but I’d call it hyper-realism with a lot of fantasy. DeMarco plays a demonic talk-show host while the twins play various guests on the show. Like I said earlier it made me uncomfortable, but I couldn’t stop watching. It was the same case for Gilligan by DRAM. Wow, this video is something else. It’s so much ass in here, like to an unhealthy extent. Ass-shaped cakes, Rocky, Dram & Juicy J change ladies’ clothes to display their asscheeks, and ladies are twerking in every other frame. Nadia put her signature touch on this one too. All of the ladies have the big 50’s beehive-Priscilla Presley-Jackie Kennedy hairstyles, the old people look like they’re on the verge of death, and when the younger ladies smile there’s a sadness in their eyes. I don’t know if that last one was intentional, but it’s obvious. She also did the video for After The Storm by Kali Uchis, Tyler & Bootsy Collins. This video is very very fucking good Nadia snapped. Having Tyler growing out the ground is so cool. More recently, she did the video for Babushka Boi by Rocky. Song is mid (of course), but the video is very very interesting. 

Her photography is no different. Just some of my favorites, but I really like all of these.

Whether it’s for her own work or for campaigns for companies such as adidas, MAC, or chobani you’re gonna know that Nadia shot it. All of her stuff is fire is the main point I’m trying to get at.

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