We all have that album that you heard for the first time and instantly fell in love with it. Of course for people with different tastes it’s different feelings and genres that can capture their hearts faster. When I was younger I was really into electronic music on top of rap. So yes I was listening to everything, mostly stuff I hate now. But one album stuck with me through that phase. Discovery. This album is so fire man, from start to finish and it’s over an hour long. It’s hard to stay focused on longer albums, but literally every album before the late 2010’s was unnecessarily long. No reason for an album to be that long now, but I digress. This album is one of the only ones that gets a pass. It’s that good.

First off, this album diverted from the house music that we’d gotten used to on Homework. Songs like Around The World and Revolution 909 were these groovy classic house tracks that still go today. So, when this album came out and it’s their spin on 70’s disco it was like a punch in the face. A good one though, like a soft punch by someone you like. They set out to create house music with various other elements incorporated into it. Including these rock elements into disco and electronic music was something I’d never heard of when I was younger so whenever Aerodynamic would come on I would invoke this curiosity in me that i’d never felt before. This album has a bit of everything. While you getting those hard ass guitar solos and love ballads they go way into left-field and hit you with songs like Veridis Quo, Voyagerand Nightvision. I used to hate these songs when I was younger, but now I love them. They add a time to really take in the music that you’re hearing. Especially Nightvision, god that song is so beautiful. Just close your eyes when you listen to it and you’ll be transported to a different world. Every song has that affect, it’s fucking wild.

This is also the first album where they adopted the robot masks that are synonymous with the group’s name now. I spent a bulk of my childhood drawing those masks. Those masks were so cool to me. It was a great way to shield your identity and maintain this air of mystery. Thomas has said that the masks were first created out of shyness, but then it became fun to see the audience’s reaction to them. They’ve also said it’s a rule for them not to appear in their videos, but that’s not the case for this album as they can be seen in the video for High Life in the movie created for the album. Yeah, a movie, for the entire album. This shit is unheard of now. Maybe an artists will a short film for one song or a film that encompasses all the songs in small intervals, but nah this is a whole feature film. Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem is a film about four aliens that are captured by an evil human and forces them to make music. He needs 5,555 gold records to rule the universe and they’re the last band he needs to complete this. Sounds pretty out there, and that’s because it is. It works though. Even though there’s no dialogue you still get the emotions the scenes depict. I wasn’t lying when I said this album is fire front to back.

If you listen to this album i’m sure you’ll find at least one song that you’ll like. It’s impossible to not like this entire album, there’s something on there for everybody. I think Short Circuit is my personal favorite, but Crescendolls is a close second.

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