Almost everything is created based on what’s trending. It’s a sad reality, but it’s the one we live in. That’s why almost every rap song has strategically placed 808s so they can be in viral dance videos. While they are fun to listen to maybe once or twice, what’s the longevity of that? That’s why when an artist comes out with a project that features unique sounds it’s either shunned or it takes the masses a minute to catch up. That’s the case with Vince Staples’ Big Fish TheoryPraised by critics, but pretty much hated by everyone else. Except me, I fucking love this album. Vince showed his ass on this project and the fact that the masses hated it makes me love it even more. It’s a fresh blend of different genres and it works. Super rare.

The fucking production of this album just makes me melt. Every song feels like a different soundscape. And Vince’s lyrics just fit the beats like a glove. My favorites have to be Yeah RightHomage, and Love Can Be…The way Homage starts off with this 45 second intro that doesn’t prepare you for the chaos of the track at all. It starts off very slow and calm then that bass and those glitchy snares come on and just fuck you up. That fucking warbling bass that drives the song is mesmerizing and Vince yelling on top of it just pulls you in. Then at the end it just goes away, and we’re calm again. It’s like being in a storm. Yeah Right is produced by SOPHIE so you know the production is gonna be monstrous and booming, and it is holy shit. The bass commands your attention and the snare and the hi-hats sound like they were created by using a piece of metal. Vince sounds so cool over the beat which is a huge contrast. Also, Vince has a habit of not displaying the features on his songs. So you’d never know that this song has Kendrick Lamar on it, but when his verse comes in he lets it be known that he’s here. While Vince is the calm one Kendrick immediately loses his fucking mind. It’s pretty good too, but before that fucking Flume has his own bridge with KUCKA singing the vocals. On paper the song sounds like chaos, but it’s so fucking good. That could be a good summation of about every song on here to be honest.

Throughout the album Vince touches on a variety of subjects: Love (the ups and the downs), How he wants money from rap, but none of the fast-paced lifestyle, How he’s not getting the recognition he deserves etc. I feel like this album was Vince at his best lyric wise. He’s lived so much life already even before he started rapping and now that he’s in this industry he’s seeing the same experiences in a different light. So that gives him another outlook on life which he translate into music. Very, very good music at that. That’s why this is one of my favorite albums, ever. Vince speaks poetically about his paranoia, his love life, and the ways he deals with these topics. Over amazing and unique production. 

Also, I made it through this entire review without mentioning Yeezus once. 

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