I had barely any idea who Lykke Li was before I listened to this project. The only song I knew from her was I Follow Rivers and that’s only because Tyler remixed it a long time ago. So I had no idea this album released. I will fully admit that I was sleep, because I really enjoy this album. It’s weird because I found out about this album because I saw a video about the song sex money feelings die over the video to Hot Nigga by Bobby Shmurda (free him.) The breakdown on this song is so good. That bass with that distorted uh string section (?) I want to say mixed with her sleepy layered vocals is like audio crack.  Perfect song for driving at night with the volume turned up loud. I didn’t know what to expect with this album, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed.

Throughout the album Li describes different scenarios you go through while being in love with someone. Whether it’s the highest highs or the lowest lows. This shit is very sad, but Lykke makes heartbreak sound beautiful through her voice. She talks about real shit on here too. On last piece she talks about wanted to keep a sense of self-worth while being in a relationship and when you hear her sings those words you can hear the emotion in there. That’s really the whole album as a whole. Lykke sings in this soft sleepy tone, but she is still able to translate the emotions from the lyrics. Another topic you hear throughout the album is womanhood and how Li goes through life as a woman. She stated that “so sad so sexy” is her European version of being sexy. Being broken inside, but still having dudes come up to you and try to talk to you. Man, the more I listen to it I realize how depressing this album is.

In addition to Li’s vocal performance the production is also something worth noting. Jeff Bhasker, Malay, DJ Dahi, and even T-Minus all contribute and wow yeah it’s fire. The beats and Li’s vocals coalesce to make 10 beautiful tracks. bad woman is the probably the most minimalist beat on here and it’s still good. For the first part Lykke is singing over a guitar, some stings, and a piano then the beat drops and this rising bass comes in and it’s impossible to not bob your head. This song is very introspective too. It deals with being honest with yourself and hoping that the special person you’re showing your real self to doesn’t leave because of it. That’s some real shit. The production does very well with translating the emotion in the lyrics so well. Especially on utopia, nah forreal especially. This song is her singing to her newborn son and how she wants the best for him in life and desires to have the same passion and desire that he does and that shit is beautiful man.

Listen, usually when I try out new things…I end up hating them, but this shit is something different. Check it out forreal because you’ll definitely end up finding something you like. It has something for every mood.

Listen to so sexy so sad here

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