Perfect combinations are hard to come by. Peanut Butter & Jelly, Jordan & Pippen, Michael Jackson & Quincy Jones, etc. These combinations perfectly mesh and no one can question the impact they had on their respective cultures. Well! I think it’s time to add Hundo & Vonte to that list. Their latest project Life Crazy cements their status as one of the most fire Rapper-Producer duos in recent years. Might be a big title to put on them, but who’s gonna check me?

Now, I’ve already covered how Hundo & Vonte are amazing at what they do. Hundo raps with such sincerity that you get pulled into the music and visualize everything he says. He paints pictures with his raps whether he’s at his highest highs or his lowest lows. It’s inspirational to listen to how he takes whatever life throws at him and turns it into a learning experience and continues to shine. With Vonte he’s like the silent enforcer. His beats cover whatever genre or mood he wants whether he’s sampling a Smokey Robinson song or using these menacing guitar chords that make you feel uneasy and paranoid. Vonte also pints pictures with his production, but the interpretation is up to you, the listener. You have both of these painters coming together and their artwork is Life Crazy.

This project is every thing I fucking wanted. As I write this Shining From Afar is playing and Hundo is rapping his ass off. Switching between flows flawlessly and the beat is right there with him switching from these booming 808’s to just letting this nasty sounding guitar and synth flow along with Hundo. That’s the case with pretty much every song on this project. My favorite is probably MisunderstoodHundo is really speaking from the heart about his future and how he’s the shit right now, but he’s not even at 100% yet. That’s some scary shit to think about. Plus, this fucking beat. That fucking synth evokes so much emotion. It gives the track and air of optimism and hope. Once again Hundo & Vonte mesh together to perfectly get the point of the song across.

If this didn’t get the point across that this album is damn near perfect then please listen for yourself. It’s one of my favorite projects of 2019 so far and it’ll probably stay on that list. Nutha week to be fye so you should spend it listening to this.

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