It is very easy to make music nowadays. All you really need is a phone and WiFi and you can create something. Might not be good, but you have the opportunity. Now since it is so easy there’s a lot of trash that floods sites like soundcloud and YouTube. It’s very easy to find trash because it’s always going to be there, but to find actual good music from lesser known artists is becoming harder and harder. But when you do find them the payoff is amazing. A great example of this? Blake Saint Motherfucking David!

Blake is one of the most amazing artists I’ve ever listened to in my entire life. The way they can convey emotions through melodies and lyrics is astonishing. And that’s another crazy thing Blake does everything by themselves. String placements, rapping, singing, programming? All Blake. 

I’ve always wanted to interview Blake because I think their story is very interesting and I finally got the chance to today over twitter. We talked about a lot of things: Their influences, Their background, The Justified album, etc. 

Deshaun: So what does Blake Saint David represent? Because I know you went by other names before.

Blake: I’m non-binary and I figured I needed to represent that as much as I possibly could. Blake is a gender neutral name so I stuck with that. Before I was calling myself by my old name, and it didn’t feel right. It was too masculine. The other part I just pulled out of my ass tbh but it sounds so cool.

D: It reminds me of royalty like some high priest shit.

B: Doesn’t it?!

D: Nah forreal it fits. What would you say shaped your sound the most?

B: Oh damn, shit. I have no clue. Kyle is the reason I make music but I definitely don’t sound like that nigga. Probably Choker, AG Cook, SOPHIE, Hannah Diamond, Justin Timberlake, and Pharrell. Yeah, that’s it. Justified is a great album and I wish I produced it.

D: Wow yeah dude ‘Last Night’ might be one of my favorite songs ever. Neptunes really spazzed on that album.

B: They did! It’s so good. I replayed the chords from senorita for Explore.

D: Wow I didn’t even realize! That’s fire. Did you teach yourself to play piano?

B: Yeah man I taught myself everything I know. I didn’t have friends growing up so I had a lot of free time and I made stuff instead.

D: Was that isolation another inspiration behind your music? Because from what I take from a lot of your songs is that emotions play a very big part.

B: Yeah man, I don’t even have parents like I’m SUPER alone. So I make music about it. My album is named after a ghost town. Every song I’ve made that isn’t a love song was about me being alone, that’s all I know. 

Blake Saint David taken by @spicstervine

D: And I think that’s why they are all so good man like my personal favorite song of yours is Don’t Come Back like those chords almost made me shed a tear and I could feel truth behind those words man.

B: I never got to experience what children experienced growing up. I was stealing water from peoples houses and sleeping on floors man. So I’m really disillusioned with growing up.

D: That’s fucking heavy man but coming from that background is it hard to make more upbeat songs? Because you can do both effortlessly.

B: Okay now that’s because I listened to fucking Kyle he’s so good and his music genuinely makes me happy. I also make it a point to not have any songs I make sound alike.

D: Oh yeah that’s definitely true because 2 sounds nothing like Don’t Waste My Time.

B: Oh man I hate that song it’s so robotic and it lacks life. I also didn’t even wanna make it. I was just around them and they were like “go ahead”.

D: Duuuude I love that song that’s crazy! Legit when it dropped I had it on loop for like hours. But it is one big ass loop I noticed.

B: I didn’t produce that, I hate that song it’s so corny and annoying. I didn’t carry the emotion that I should have. 

D: I feel you man. How long have you been making music? Like in general.

B: Seriously I started March 2017, like singing and rapping and stuff. I made joke songs up until then. And I wanted to score my own movies so that’s how I started. 

D: Is that why you use a lot of strings?

B: Yes! They add emotion and I love moody production. 

Blake Saint David taken by Jackson Fabiyi

D: Absolutely. Okay I got two more questions. When did you realize you were great at making music?

B: Oh damn! That’s a loaded question I think it was when I started taking music seriously. I also frequent queer punk shows a lot here and they tell me I’m punk rock because I go against the grain of what cool is and that means a lot to me. So those two instances.

D: Do you try to be humble or do you fully accept it?

B: I fully accept it. No point in being humble honestly, if you know you know. People think I’m just projecting my insecurity but the only insecurity I have is being alone I know my music is really fucking great. It can only get better man, I just want people to hear it.

D: Oh man we definitely do Change is fucking amazing. The end where you’re singing in auto-tune?! So fire. 

B: Thank you so much!!!!

D: No problem dude. That’s it from me is there anything you want to end with? Something to promote?

B: Them queer kids can be whoever they want as long as they’re being themselves. That’s it. 

D: Alright thanks man forreal I appreciate it.

B: Thank you man I love every chance where I can talk about my music. 

Follow Blake everywhere: @blakesaintdavid

Follow Deshaun on twitter: @DESHAAUN


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